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Last updated by Dmitriy T. on January 22, 2017 19:17

Having multiple php versions on the server is in many cases essential for the server owner.

Our shared and reseller servers have CloudLinux installed on them, providing, apart from other benefits, a possibility to choose from several php versions. But CloudLinux licenses are not free of charge, and purchasing a license just in order to have several php versions is not quite viable.

It is always possible to compile additional php versions, but it takes some time and efforts to accomplish this.

This is why we would like to introduce to you a free alternative to PHP Selector provided by CloudLinux, which is called ntPHPSelector, and can be freely installed on the cPanel-based server.

Note: ntPHPselector 3 plugin requires SuPHP and EasyApache 3 on the system; it will not work with any other PHP handlers or other EasyApache version for now.

To install ntPHPselector, run the following commands:

	cd /usr/local/src
	wget -N https://nixtree.com/download/free/ntphpselector_manage.sh
	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh install
	#For updating currently installed ntPHPselector using the following command;
	sh ntphpselector_manage_beta.sh update

To recompile php in ntPHPselector, run the following command

	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh recompile <option>
	-- option  2 for 5.2
	                   3 for 5.3
	                   4 for 5.4
	                   5 for 5.5

eg: recompile php5.2

	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh recompile 2
For uninstalling the plugin:
	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh uninstall

You may also check the official developers web site, and ntPHPSelector page.