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WHM tutorials

Last updated by Dmitry K. on May 30, 2016 18:41

Web Host Manager (WHM) is the administrator backend/reseller centre area. This is where you add, modify and delete cPanel accounts under your reseller plan.

This tutorial describes main features of WHM, and it will be mostly useful for beginners and non-root users.

Full WHM documentation with advanced features can be found here

You can use any of the following URLs to login to WHM:

Note: A colon symbol following an IP address or a domain name denotes a specific port number. These port numbers are responsible for guiding data packets transmitted between 2 computers to specific processes taking place on either machine.

When using secure connection (port 2087), you may get a message

This Connection is Untrusted

Please ignore this warning. Due to the fact the certificate used for cPane/WHM/Webmail connections is issued to the server hostname, and not to the domain name used in the link, browsers may recognize it as invalid. Simply add this URL to trusted and you will not get this warring again.

How to add a trusted site to:

With this WHM Demo, you can test the available options and thus have more knowledge of what you are subscribing to.


Before creating an account, you should first create a Feature List and a Package, where you assign account quotas. One package can be assigned to multiple cPanel accounts.

You can also type in account quotas manually without using a package. This is useful only in case you want to set a unique quota to a single account.

Feature Manager

The feature manager allows you to disable/enable features inside of each user